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What is MLS
MLS / idx integration
+ Main / Sub Agents + estate agency regulation

idx brings more properties back to an agents website

Click here for idx websites

sn't it time you had more listings to offer applicants + generate higher fees for greater local and national marketing for sellers and landlords?
    The beast has arrived
S stands for Multiple Listing System.
idx stands for information data exchange
(as used daily by 1,000,000 + US and Canadian agents)

MLS + idx = more local properties can be accepted and shown on your website.

An agent can take on clients property as their main agent and agree to multi-list fellow agents for a little higher fee.

By doing this the main agent increases marketing to a greater reach of buyers and prospective tenants through their platform of local and national network agents. And as 75% of us move locally this means the owner has a much greater chance of selling or letting their property.
And if a client has one good agent then even more has to be better.

 In the UK, agents will normally use 1 of around 50 software providers to upload their listings to 1/ INEA  2/ their own website  3/ the portals and  4/ via INEA's cross data feed to other sub agents websites.

MLS (IDX) data feed out means:
more listings in your site?
example search here

INEA is now working with lead software houses in both the UK and abroad in a vast array of data feed styles to bring agents properties into INEA. In doing so, each INEA member agent can select other agents listings which INEA gathers into our own MLS format, a hybrid from singular agents data feeds.

INEAs IDX (information data exchange) data feed can then run into an agents own website along side the agents own software providers singular data feed. The result being that the agent can show their own listings + many more (as if their own properties) on site.

Example: if an agent had 30 listings on site and works with 4 other local agents who each offer another 20 listings (80) then both sets of properties (own + accepted subs) can be shown on site as if their own.

So, in the UK with around 50 main software houses, that before meant that an agent using an average sized software house could only through their own system sub 2% of other agents. At best software houses with 1,000-1,500 agents only brings the change of subbing to 8-13%.

INEA is working with around 50 of the main software houses and as such even if you are on another software platform to the agent you wish to work with, then if both are INEA members your chances of automated subbing has just risen to 65%. Agents who join INEA can use the INEA feed as a secondary feed to their website and now offer more, which means potentially more sales.

A better estate agency platform: But INEA alone could not do this without the support from key software houses who together are evolving estate agency and empowering agents to be able to MLS. After agents own software providers feed INEA must be the second most important to all forward thinking agents.
Recommended software providers
Agents join here

Some Examples of MLS/IDX sites in the UK, USA and Canada.

Many US brokers may only have 6-20 direct listings. Yet their property search can show thousands of listings, which if they make a buyer introduction, then they earn commission:


  A Property Cycle - link here   
  Century 21 Liverpool idx demo - link here 
  Century 21 Westminster idx demo - link here

  Century 21 Fulham idx demo - link here 

  Character Home - (
INEA demo site) - link here
  Chris Williams - INEA idx iframe - link here
  Consult 4 Property - (idx iframe INEA) - link here
  DesRes Sales (idx iframe DE) - link here
  Genesis -  - link here 
ard Move - link here - WordPress
  Iconic - link here (site of Chris hall Ex NAEA President)

  Jollye & Wood -
(idx iframe INEA) - link here
  Kent & County (idx iframe DE) - link here
  Kingstons - link here 

  Luxury Properties  - (INEA demo site)   link here

  My London Agent - (idx iframe) - link
  Option Homes - (MLS/idx fed site INEA/Acquaint) - link
Property File (idx iframe DE) - link here
  Purple Properties - (idx dual iframe INEA) - link here
  Roysia - link
  The Property Partnership Commercial - link here
  Savannah Estates - link here

  DG Estates - (idx iframe) - link here

  Other Non INEA examples as found overseas

     The Ocean Broker (South Carolina, E Coast) - link here
     Beth Billington (Dual Own/ MLS/idx site- link here
     NJ Homes, Edison USA -
link here
Sutton West Coast Realty, Canada -  link here 

Isn't it time you had more listings in your site? 

IDX stands for "Internet Data Exchange" commonly called Broker Reciprocity. The next stage in the evolution of the MLS, IDX is the primary means of enhancing cooperation between agents to facilitate the purchase and sale of property and alike lettings. IDX gives MLS Participants the tool they need to display each others' listings on their Internet websites. Under the IDX INEA system, agents exchange consent to display each others listings on the Internet. You have full control over which property listings you display.

  1 if websites were human video

  2 MLS IDX website video     

  3 Wordpress templates   


Below are links agents should read on UK agent regulation as of Oct 2013:

4/ OFT/BIS CPR's (Consumer Protection Regulation)
    Current Legislation Sept 2012 - Page 51 - ''sub agents''

5/ OFT Anti Money Laundering

6/ Guidance for property sales businesses – an overview

7/ OFT Guidance PDF on the Requirements of Consumer Law/Definition of Estate Agency Work ( October 2013)



















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