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Testimonials from agents using INEA
We stumbled upon INEA quite by accident at a Property Show last year and really bought in to the 'old fashioned' methods of working with other agents but in the 21st Century digital age. Our own business model allows us to cover a much larger area and INEA has helped us grow and transform as a company.

It has enabled us to gain new instructions as we are able to show that we have good stock levels of property and we are able to generate high levels of property enquiries.

INEA members have also played a pivotal role in assisting us with marketing. Today we have four members who regularly provide either the purchaser or tenants for our own instructions. When presenting to a landlord or vendor the concept of a multi listing but with one 'Master' agent it enables us justify our fees and not get drawn in to a price war.

The large portals do not act in the best interests of consumer because they do not allow agents to network in the way INEA does. We are really looking forward to INEA evolving and are glad that we part of the pioneers using it.

Martin - Option Lettings, London
Just a note of encouragement. I am sure all members must identify with the potential of MLS model.

With the astronomical cost of the two major traditional portals helping to kill off small independent agents, this model with required funding is what is really needed to promote the tremendous benefits inherent with MLS.

Would like to know what number and value of shares available to interested members.

C. Duru Marla, CeMap Sales & Lettings Consultant
Samanthajane Ltd
A Property Cycle have been an INEA Member for over a year. Having come from the property industry in South Africa, where multi listing is a well-known way of marketing properties – this was a no brainer for me when I learnt about INEA.

Most sellers / landlords in South Africa WANT their properties on multi listings – it’s always a struggle to get them on a sole agency – as they want multi listings for greater exposure!

At A Property Cycle we automatically do an INEA Multi list on all properties. We build relationships and trust with the other INEA Members. This is the way I know how to do business and I have also invited a number of other independent agents to join INEA. In the last year I can see the growth of INEA, which is really terrific, it strengthens the smaller agencies like myself in the market – as well as larger agencies once they change their perception.

Once agents realise that they’re not “giving away” money for nothing when they share their properties…. actually they’re gaining more stock and in turn more exposure. Because of advertising other agents properties I have gained more instructions myself.

I can only say that INEA is a marvellous tool for agents and if I had not found INEA I was going to see about setting something like this up for small agencies…. But no need to now! I am really pleased to be part of INEA.
I recently joined INEA as a member agent, within days of becoming a member I have agreed a full asking price offer from a client introduced via another INEA member to whom I had sub instructed my clients property.
In these very competitive times it is vital to offer clients something extra so as to gain the instruction, MLS is just that.

Being able to offer multi listing gives the vendor confidence that their property will be fully marketed without over exposure. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, I sold the property within 3 days of instruction at full asking price and I have a very satisfied seller

Sandie Purl
Consult 4 Properties
“As a new independent letting agent specialising in residential lettings and management, I knew the market was going to be tough to break into based on the amount of letting agents already established and continuing to spring up in the area where I am based. I knew however, that I could grow and provide something missing from many agents around and I needed to advertise and market in a way that was different from the larger corporate agents in the area in order to have a chance of competing. I had tried in vain to work with other local agents because I was always of the opinion it would be better to work together sometimes than in competition with each other but this was proving vastly more difficult that I had envisaged to convince other agents of the same opinion.

I was introduced to Trevor & Harvey from INEA at a networking event and the first thing Trevor said to me when I explained I was a new Letting Agent was that “too many agents compete for the same market and if they worked together they would increase their figures in the lettings market”. From that point I was hooked, I had finally found someone to share my opinion with. The purpose of INEA is to help agents gain access to more listings and in some cases triple the listings they have available on the property portals at a cost which is minimal which in comparison to the fees and instructions gained is very small price to pay. From a personal point of view and in my own words INEA have aided me to do the following that otherwise would not have been possible:

· Increase my listings on property portals by at least triple the amount I would otherwise have had to advertise

· Increase my ability to advertise landlords properties by using sub-agents portals (meaning I do not have to pay to advertise on the portal)

· Obtain commission fees by passing to other agents names and numbers of suitable applicants on their properties

· Completely safeguarding my properties on the market to let by sub-instructing the other agents instead of them trying to poach my landlords for themselves

· Providing my landlords with confidence that their property will be advertised on all major property portals

· INEA is so easy to explain to landlords how it works that very few are reluctant to be involved

I would have no hesitation in recommending INEA to other independent agents especially in my local area as I have found their service invaluable to my company. Furthermore their aftercare, service and technical knowledge is faultless and any queries are always answered and dealt with in a professional manner. As a non talking technical person to have INEA as my technical background guru’s allows me to enjoy all the benefits of their service yet understand the basis in order for me to able to make it work for my company.

Helen Church, Cleaver Property Lettings.
Hi Trevor, I had a valuation on Friday and offered the vendor the choice of just using my services at 1% or to add it to the INEA who have 650 agents at 1.5% and she chose the 1.5% to get a larger coverage, the property will be going on the market at £155,000ono.
I’m extremely interested in moving this idea forward.
Thanks, Gary Young, Fair Agent, West Auckland, UK

Thanks for the professional support Trevor, we are getting good results for our niche agency from the INEA. Co-operative listings arrangement and the staff love your easy back office system! Keep up the good work. David Greenaway The Houseboat Centre.

Hi Trevor, Just to say after just weeks we have got 3 offers from applicants to rent other agents listings in Liverpool. Two of the offers were accepted and the tenants have now moved in and the third offer was rejected. But 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

We also wrote to our existing 27 clients and offered wider local coverage via other local INEA agents for an increase of 0.5% on top of our sole agency rate. Seven vendors came back next day for which we have subbed out the listings by adding them to INEA.

Regards Ben, Davis Beyga


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