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Name That House


Even a tatty old shack sounds nice when you tell people that its your country retreat, you know:

        'Rose Cottage'   A home from home 



But who'd view a house called 'The Pig Sty' or a basement flat called 'Rising Damp, 2 The Flood Plain' let alone live in them. A name can be the kill or the cure. Now we’d all love to live in ‘Happier Places’ but a property name should reflect something about its character in a complimenting way.





Most Popular:


The most popular name is ‘The Cottage’ followed closely by Rose Cottage, Honeysuckle Cottage, and Bramble Cottage etc.





Not so good would be Hillside Cottage, or just plain No.13, or worse 13a. Potential buyers tend to want their new home to be more than just a number followed by an A, B or worse C.  Why do you think most Hotels don't have a room 13. Quite often their numbering will run 1-12/miss 13 and contiunue 14 onwards.



You are quite at liberty to incorporate a name into your current address, change the existing name of your property or give a name to your new house.


If a postal number already exists as part of your current official postal address this must be retained. To avoid confusion & misdirected deliveries ensure no other properties in the local vicinity have a similar name to the one which you are proposing.


Agents often advise clients to change house names.

Not to something obscure and quirky but more so to established its character or Englishness, or when in Rome it’s Scottish, Irish or Welsh'ness.


Names can come from many a place including a property’s surroundings such as, Barley Mews, Harvest House, The Moors or The Meadows and Sea View.


Tree Names are also popular such as Oak Tree Cottage, Orchard House, The Elms, The Conifers or even The Laurels.


People and events can also influence House Names, King George Cottage, Smith’s Den, Carpenters Cottage, The Cobblers, and Nelson Apartments which I guess? Could be near Trafalgar Square.


What about birds: Theres Wrens Nest, The Eagles, Duck Farm off Puddle Lane, The Daws, Swan House next to Swan Lake and Puffins Pad.


Past Times and reminders of times gone by include: Toll Cottage, The Coach House, The School House, The Rectory, The Bothy, The Vicarage House, The Old Post Office, Mill Cottage, The Granary, The Hall House and The Grange


Again an owner may take a feature of the property into account such as: The Dormers, The Gables, The Bungalow, Rock Cottage, The Penthouse, The Studio, Brick House, The Clock House or Stepping Stones.



Giving your house a name can add value, but you have to choose carefully!



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