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For Sale Boards Guide

for sale board ineaFOR SALE BOARDS

The worst client for any agent is the one who wants above market value, they want a buyer yesterday. Their home NOT to be advertised or for a board to be up, as either event could let the neighbours know its up for sale. If you accept it going on the net, and in the papers, well the argument. I don’t want a For Sale board holds little water, as neighbours or friends do look on the web and read papers.

IF YOUR SERIOUS about selling then a ‘For Sale’ board is a great marketing tool. If your worried about people just knocking on your door then get your agent to add a slip on the post with ‘viewings strictly by appointment via the agent

Due to work and especially kids in schools many buyers still move within a 10-15 mile area. A For Sale board works 24/7, even when your agents closed. Its great, many a sale has come for the fact that applicants were viewing another property in the street when they also noticed another property for sale. How? The For Sale board.

For Sale boards are great for a number of reasons:

·         INDETIFIERS: If your on a main road, they can identify your property quickly. The worse thing is for yours buyers to be driving slowly up a main road getting bibbed, or causing a near pile up because there not sure where your home is. Equally, many vendors argue. ‘Were way out in the middle of nowhere or at the end of a cul-de-sac. Again, no matter, people will still pass, like the postman, milkman, neighbours and so on.  Neighbours have friends, and neighbours will often tell friends when a house nearby comes up for sale.

·         CLOUT: It is thought that For Sale boards are responsible for 20-30% of viewings. Without one your not helping yourself to get more viewers in, which in turn could reflect on offers.

·         LOCATION: Many buyers will identify the locations they want. Often driving around seeing where they want to be. The web is great, but if your agents not on the websites that ‘Mr & Mrs Jones’ have been looking at then a For Sale board can be waiting for Mr & Mrs Jones to just drive round the corner. Buyers will also often call into local shops or pubs and ask the locals if they know of anywhere for sale.

·         POSS PART WAY THERE: If a viewer comes via noticing the board, there’s a good chance that your half way there. By the time the agent phones you to arrange the viewing you’ll know that your viewers will 1/ know the asking price and 2/ have already seen the outside.

·         BETTER TERMS: An agent may sometimes give you a little discount. For Sale boards are valuable advertising. Especially the ones with SOLD stc on them.

·         ALTERNATIVE: Many buyers just don’t know what they want until they see it. Imagine, you’ve told the agents what you want and where you want it, often the only thing buyers can be sure of is how many bedrooms they want and how much they can afford. So imagine, viewers are viewing other stereotype properties as per their original requests, but by chance they see your board up. Its in the right location, they love the look. BINGO, it’s the one that would of got away.

·         THEY TALK FOR YOU: OK so you’ve got your board up, use it. If theres something special about your home, ie a large workshop, swimming pool, paddock or the like, or maybe you’ve converted your loft and have a 3rd bedroom whilst all your neighbours have 2 beds, if so get your agent to add a slip note and let viewers know.

·         A clean new looking board looks fresh. If your agent puts up a tatty board, or if the local neighbourhood hoodlums use yours for stone practice or as their local art gallery, then let your agent know. A good board looks good.



·         Boards can only be placed on land relating to the property. Some agents (with land owners permission) may sometimes place a For Sale board at the end of a lane, or the entrance of a cul-de-sac. In this instance they must first obtain permission from the owner and clearly mark the property address on the board, often an arrow will be added.

·          The agent must have your permission to erect a board.

·         When a sale has been agreed the agent should appropriately mark the board, ie SOLD stc, Sale Agreed or Under Offer.

·         Some areas may require local authority permission, ie properties in some districts conservation areas (especially in London, if in doubt check with your local authority).

·         For Sale boards on residential properties can be no larger than 0.5 sq metres, or 0.6 meters if 2 boards are joined together.

     Boards must comply to the Town & Country Planning Regs.

·         Only one board is allowed per property (however local authorities will often turn a blind eye if 2 agents neatly join their boards back to back).

·         SOLD alone is not acceptable, and all SOLD boards must have either ‘stc’ or ‘subject to contract’ on them. Look closely, its often quite small.

·         Once the sale has completed, agents must remove boards in 14 days.

·         A board must not stick out further than 1 metre from the building.

·         If in a lease property check your lease before agreeing your agent can put a board up, there may be restrictions, or boards simply might not be allowed without permission from the freeholder. Likewise, if in a flat or mews complex, sometimes theres numerous boards, so insure yours is clearly marked with a number or name and maybe which floor your on.

·         If the boardman puts the board in a hard to see location complain, your be doing yourself and the agent a favour in the long run.




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