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EPC information Jan 9th onwards

On 9th January 2013 it became a requirement for property details to carry the EPC ratings rather than having to show the graphs/charts.

Main agents should have full EPC's on file.

EPC graphs and rating figures can be found at Landmark via postcode search.

CLICK HERE to search full EPC's

You will need to simply accept Landmarks T&C, but searches are shown as free.

In relation to residential lettings the significant changes are as follows:
• property advertisements are to include details of the energy performance certificate rating ( the A-G rating) where available;
• the requirement to attach the front page of the certificate to any written material is to be removed;

• listed buildings are exempt from the need to have a certificate on their sale or rent.

Other Q&A

Q. Can you explain the requirements in respect of historic buildings?

A. Any building which has been listed by English Heritage (or its Welsh equivalent) is exempt from the requirement to have an EPC on its sale or rent.

Q. How do I check whether a building has been listed by English Heritage?

A. See:

Q. The regulations qualify the exemption by only exempting such buildings where compliance with certain minimum energy performance requirements would unacceptably alter their character or appearance. How do I know whether this applies to my building?

A. We have included that qualification because, in line with Government policy, we have adopted a copy-out approach to the Directive which means that, as far as possible, we have transposed the exact text into domestic legislation. But in practice, it does not impact the exemption. That is because there are no minimum energy performance requirements for listed or historic buildings.

Q. Are buildings that are part of a designated environment, such as a conservation area, required to have an EPC?

A. Yes. The only buildings that are exempt are those listed by English Heritage.

Q. What are minimum energy performance requirements?

A. The term minimum energy performance requirements refers to the energy efficiency standards required by the Building Regulations. They apply to new buildings and existing buildings that undergo major renovation. They do not apply to existing buildings that have not undergone a major renovation.

Q. Do I need to hold an EPC on file?

A. If an EPC is needed (see excluded properties above) then as a main agent you should have the EPC with graphs available on request. If you are a sub agent then you need to show the values (with or without charts) on details. Values alone for sub agents are suffice for details and adverts.

Info added to INEA 9-1-2013


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