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Chain tracking Service


Chain Tracking Service

As recommended by INEA for agents and property owners alike.




Property Link Solutions is an online web-based service that is available 24/7, 365 days a year and requires no costly software packages for access. It cuts paperwork, telephone calls and communication throughout the chain to the barest minimum.


Time’s just too precious to waste


Clients want answers and updates right away, but a phone call, a letter, or even an email soaks up valuable time. And time is too precious to waste.


Why not empower home owners and give them the “key” and let them “find out for themselves” just what they need to know about their property transaction and all of the others in the chain whenever they want.


That’s what Property Link Solutions is all about - helping you to help them achieve a smooth and successful property completion.


Making your job easier!


User feedback shows that the timescale from offer to exchange has been reduced by an average of 4 weeks with Property Link Solutions. Equally, the number of failed transactions has fallen considerably.


The information freely available to the client at Property Link Solutions enables users to take positive, instant and often urgent action to counter delays and hold ups.


Registered parties can view the status of every transaction within a chain of properties 24/7, 365 days a year. 


Being the first company to provide an online property chain management and tracking service makes this a unique product and a very attractive service to offer to your clients.


Research has also shown that the service creates a marked increase in customer confidence and satisfaction, substantially enhancing the client’s perception of the professional quality of service being provided.


Making it work for you!


Simply log on to where you’ll find everything you need to keep your clients happy with every aspect of any property transaction that is linked to Property Link Solutions.


Property Link Solutions, simply a better way to buy or sell property. 


Simply click - Here to access the  PLS web site

Property Link Solutions - your benefits in a box!


·        Reduces abortive sales.

·        Dramatically speeds completions.

·        Reduces phone call & email updates.

·        Improves communication for everyone.

·        Provides clear chain transparency.

·        Enables easy access to information 24/7, 365.

·        Automatic email alerts & SMS Text message updates.


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